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Why Are Termites Harmful? – Reasons To Get Termite Control

Termites are one kind of pest that are experts on hiding. They feed on cellulose all around your home or office. Thus, they love wood, dead plants, and timber-related furniture and fixtures around your property. 

Due to this very fact, they eat up anything related to wood and cellulose and destroy your property from the inside out. Therefore, termite control must be effectively performed on time so that your furniture and fixture can be secure in the long run.

Why Are Termites In Dubai Harmful?

There are three main kinds of dangers that termites pose to you. They are dangerous whether the termites infest your residential property or commercial premises. These three harmful effects of termites eating away at your property are listed below:

1: Structural Damage

Structural damage is the most dangerous problem termites cause. This is because they eat the wooden structures of your premises from the inside and make them hollow. These wood-related things on your property include not only your furniture and fixtures but also wooden walls, wooden floors, false wooden ceilings, and foundations. 

All this poses a risk of collapse on your home, office, or any other building. The repair and maintenance costs this situation will incur on you are huge. Additionally, the security risk is also imminently making the situation graver.

2: Contamination Of Food Supplies

Termites not only cause damage to the structure of your building, but they also contaminate your food supplies. Termites in Dubai can also infect your stored food that will be edible afterward. Upon eating, such food will cause health problems. Thus, the only solution is to throw them out. This wastes a lot of your hard-earned money.

3: Health Issues

Termites carry a lot of diseases with them. They can transfer them to you or the people around you differently. They can bite a person and transmit the disease, or they may infect the food and cause illnesses to spread to the people around you.

Reasons To Get Termite Control 

Thus, the problems mentioned above caused by termites show that pest control against termites is significant to create a safe and hygienic environment for you and all the people in your surroundings. The benefits of termite control you can take advantage of are listed below.

  • Minimal damage is ensured to your property and all your belongings in it.
  • Your health remains safe and secure in a healthy and sanitary environment. This is true for the people around you as well.
  • The process of fumigation is quick and effective.
  • It also saves you a lot of time and money.
  • It covers areas that could be easier to reach s well.
  • Termite control service providers also take preventive measures for you so that you can save your long-term investment in the long run.
  • If you get termite control services in an early stage of infestation, then you can save yourself from a lot of structural damage. For this, you need to know the early signs that show the presence of termites around you. So, let’s dive into these 5 early signs.

5 Early Signs That You Need Termites Treatment

Even though termites are excellent at hiding, they still leave signs behind them that show their presence. You should immediately get termite treatment if you see any of the signs below. Why? Because early treatment against termites will help you decrease the damage they cause to your property overall.

1: Malfunctioning Or Stuck Windows and Doors

Your windows or doors may have gotten more complex to open than before. They may even be stuck and not functioning at all. This is because termites love to attack exposed areas that give easy access to wood areas. 

2: Damage Under Your Paint And Wallpapers

You may be able to see damage under your wallpaper or paint around your residential or commercial property. This is because termites in Dubai eat away at the wood paneling under the paint or wallpaper on your premises. They make tunnels and exit holes that cause damage under the paint or wallpaper of walls. This damage includes peeling paint or wallpaper, bubbling paint, buckling wood, and dented or recessed areas.

3: Termite Swarmers And Discarded Wings Of Termites

Termite Swarmers are a caste type of termite that is easily recognizable. They are the reproductive members of the termite colony. They have two pairs of pale-colored 1/4 or 1/2-inch long wings. Once the Swarmer leaves the colony and finds its mate, it sheds its wings. They do not live long indoors, so dead Swarmers may also be spotted in your home.

4: Mud Tubes

These mud tubes start from muddy areas and tend towards areas with exposed wood. Termites use mud tubes to protect themselves from the dryness in the atmosphere air. They can safely travel from their colony to wads, their food source, with mud tubes.

5: Termite Droppings

Termites eat wood and pass it out as ‘frass.’ They push the frass out of their colony so that they do not accumulate in their colony. They may appear as wood dust or wood shavings. Thus, this also shows the presence of termites on your premises.

Where To Get Anti-Termite Treatment In Dubai?

You must get treatments against termites from a reputable and trusted pest control company. Infinity Services is a licensed and widely trusted pest control company in Dubai. We provide the best Pest control services. We offer this service at highly affordable prices with a 100% on-time delivery promise.

Moreover, If you are seeing any of the five signs mentioned above of termite infestation, do not wait; get In touch with us immediately so that you can save yourself and everyone else in your surroundings from the damage caused by termites. We are available 24/7 for all our clients so that we can help them in their hour of need quickly and effectively.

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