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Get Trusted Residential And Commercial Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai Now!

Infinity Services provides the best cleaning services for residential areas and commercial workspaces in Dubai. We perform our services whenever you need them. That is why we have different types of services and contracts. They may be annual, semi-annually, seasonally, monthly, weekly, or a one-time thing. We have a comprehensive range of cleaning services in Dubai. Not only cleaning services, but Infinity Services also provides high-quality, maintenance services, moving services, and pest control services. Infinity Services is a cleaning company in Dubai that provide eco-friendly office and home cleaning services in Dubai. This makes us the best company you can choose. Because we get the job done for you without hurting the environment at all. We have skilled and experienced workers, cleaners, and experts that are trained in-house for better efficiency and service outcomes.

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Book a deep cleaning or maintenance service in seconds, just give us a call with your preferred time and date.

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Relax is your freshly cleaned home or office and concentrate on routines that matter to you the most.

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Our trained professionals gets the job done, so that you don't have to worry about it anymore.


We take care of your house as if it is our own! Get our effective and reliable home or office cleaning service Dubai through our 60-second booking process. Our aim is to give you peace of mind and extra time so that you can spend enjoyable time with your loved ones and the people around you!

We’re professional house cleaners ensuring you the highest standards of cleanliness and satisfaction.


We offer full-time helpers maid service in Dubai who’re trained to provide the highest level of service.


We offer full-time helpers maid service in Dubai who’re trained to provide the highest level of service.


Keep the look of your living rooms bright with our high quality curtain cleaning service in Dubai.


    We Will Make Absolutely Any Place Clean, Neat & Tidy.

    Why Choose Us

    We, at Infinity Services, offer multiple options to use our platform and schedule the needed services on the go. Primarily, you can use the search bar, enter few keywords related to your desired services and fill out the form to schedule it. If you look for cleaning services near me, you will find that Infinity Services provides the best quality services that not only keep your house or office clean and hygienic but also organized and tidy.

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    If you need any emergency maintenance services, simply call our 24 hour emergency number

    Reliable Emergency Handyman Service with Fair rates

    What Our Customers Say

    They are masters in providing cleaning services. The other day, I was out of my house and they were the only ones with the key. They did every chore and left the house neat and clean. That speaks volumes!!

    Mohammed bin Ali

    I have been using Infinity Services services for years now. The type of service they provide is commendable. The workers are responsible and friendly. I would like to suggest friends and fellows about their state-of-the-art cleaning services.

    Dr. Ali Al Numairy.

    They are very professional and call their attention to detail. The cabinet of my kitchen was in very bad condition and I asked them to do their magic. And exactly how imagined it they worked with outstanding care.


    I don’t think that I can trust anyone for my cleaning and repairing work. Infinity Services is a competent team of dedicated workers

    Ahmad Mohammad