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5 Tips To Use For Effective Swimming Pool Cleaning In Dubai

Having a swimming pool on your property is a glamorous experience. You can spend your leisure time relaxing in your pool area with your friends and family. 

To make this beautiful vision a reality, you must keep your pool safe and clean, as only then can you enjoy hygienic pool time. A safe swimming pool is significant for you and the people around you. How? It helps you avoid health risks, save money as repairs are minimal, and maintain the correct pH balance of your pool. In addition, a well-maintained swimming pool cleaning can increase the value of your home. 

But to reap all these benefits, you must keep your swimming pool in prim and proper condition. So, let’s talk about how you can experience a sanitary and comfortable swimming pool.

5 Tips To Maintain Your Swimming Pool And Keep It Clean

If you have no experience cleaning and maintaining your pool effectively, feel free. We have compiled a list of tips that are easy to understand and follow.

1. Regular Skimming And Scrubbing Of Your Swimming Pool 

Like your home, your swimming pool needs regular cleaning for effective maintenance. First, you must skim and remove all kinds of leaves, branches, or other debris material from the pool water surface. It will also help your pool filter as it will not have to clear out vast amounts of contaminating particles. 

In addition to skimming, you must also focus on cleaning the sides of your swimming pool. You can easily do this by scrubbing the pool walls and bottom. This tactic will help you prevent the growth of algae, mold, and mildew. 

If you find some stubborn areas that are tough to clean, you can use this tried and proven method. You can fill an old sock with chlorine and place it on top of the place you want to clean. After several hours, you can remove the hose and recontinue scrubbing. And it will remove the stubborn stains efficiently as chlorine breaks down algae.

2. Keeping A Thorough Check On The Pool Chemistry

Another tip is to always keep a thorough and careful check on the chemistry of your swimming pool. Plenty of test kits are available in the market that you can use to see if your collection is chemically balanced. This way, you will not have to wait for the lab results. Testing it twice a week during summer and once a week during winter is a good practice. Here are the things you must check when checking the pool chemistry.

I. pH Levels

The ideal pH level you want to maintain for your pool is 7.4. The acceptable ph range is 7.2 to 7.8. If the pH level is lower, you need to reduce the amount of chlorine you add to your pool water. Why? Because chlorine becomes more active at lower pH levels.

II. Sanitizers

The role of sanitizer is to ensure that your pool water is safe and hygienic. It frees the water in your pool from contaminants like bacteria, viruses, algae, and other pollutants that grow in unclean water. Many different sanitizers are available, but chlorine is typically used in the market.

It is important to note here that chlorine is the most commonly used sanitizer due to its advantages. It is affordable and efficient. It oxidizes the pollutants and destroys them from within. The ideal chlorine level is 3 parts per million. If you go over it, you must bring it down with the addition of a chlorine neutralizer to achieve a safe pool chemistry level. 

III. Calcium Hardness

Two categories of pool water exist; hard and soft. This is due to the calcium level of your pool water. Calcium hardness is different for every pool as it depends on your area and your water source. For example, water from a deep well will have higher calcium levels (hard water). Whereas water from a tap source will have low calcium levels (soft water).

Too hard water is bad for your swimming pool as it causes calcium build-up on the pool surface. Similarly, too soft water is also bad for your collection as it can cause corrosion and scaling on your pool surfaces. 

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Here comes a question, what calcium hardness of water is ideal for your pool? 

The answer to this question varies on the pool tile materials used in your swimming pool area. For example, if you have used fiberglass or vinyl pool liner, a calcium hardness level between the range of 175 ppm to 225 ppm is ideal. Whereas if your pool lines are made of concrete or plastic, the acceptable content is 200 ppm to 275 ppm.

3. Maintaining The Ideal Level Of Water 

The ideal level of water for your pool is the center level of your pool tile. It is essential for the optimal performance of the swimming pool. How? If the collection has a low water level, there is a risk of your pump burning up as it will be running dry. In contrast, if the water level is too high, you may be unable to operate the skimmer door. It may result in the collection of debris in your pool. So, it is vital to keep the water level of your swimming pool at an adequate level.

4. Flushing Out Debris From Your Swimming Pool Filter After Regular Intervals

Your swimming pool’s filter is its kidney, which removes all kinds of impurities from the pool water. These impurities include dirt, debris, leaves, branches, and anything that does not belong in the pool. 

To ensure that your pool filter functions appropriately, you should turn your filter off at least every week. Then, you can remove the filter cap and bring out the basket from your filter. And then you can eliminate any debris present inside it. Moreover, it would help if you also cleaned the pipes of your pool filter every month via back-washing. In this method, you can turn the pump on and let water flow through the filter’s waste pipe until it passes out clear water.

5. Get Help From Professional Pool Cleaners

If swimming pool cleaning is exhausting and challenging, you can delegate this task to professional pool cleaners. This way, you will not have to do anything yourself. You can sit back and relax while expert cleaners will do the job. 

The significant point is to find a licensed or certified professional swimming pool cleaning company. Why? Because they will provide a high-quality cleaning service and make your pool clean, hygienic, and safe for use.

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